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Turning Ashes into Jewelry | Cremation Jewelry Options


Transforming Ashes into Cherished Cremation Jewelry

You have two choices for cremation jewelry.  Cremation Urn Jewelry or ash-infused precious stones. Cremation jewelry sometimes called urn jewelry, is a jewelry piece that holds ash inside the piece. These are commonly in the form of pendants, earrings, rings, and bracelets.  Ash-infused precious stones can be lab-grown diamonds made with a sample of ash or a glass piece that has ash infused into it during the glass creation process.  Turning cremated ashes into jewelry is a meaningful way to memorialize a loved one. This unique form of remembrance allows individuals to keep a part of their loved one close, transforming ashes into various types of beautiful jewelry pieces. From Diamonds, blown glass, pendants, and necklaces to bracelets and beads, the options are diverse, offering a personalized way to cherish memories.

The Significance of Urn Jewelry

Urn jewelry, a popular type of cremation jewelry, serves as a discreet yet poignant way to keep a loved one’s ashes close. These pieces typically feature a small compartment or urn that can hold a portion of cremated ashes. Available in various designs, urn jewelry can range from simple and understated to intricate and decorative, making it a versatile choice for many.

Pendants: A Heartfelt Tribute

Pendants are a common choice for incorporating ashes into jewelry. These can be designed to discreetly hold ashes or visibly display them, often sealed within glass or resin. Pendants come in numerous styles, from elegant and simple to elaborate and artistic, allowing for a deeply personal tribute to a loved one.

Cremation Urn Bracelets

Bracelets and beads offer another way to keep a loved one’s memory alive. Cremation bracelets feature small urn compartments that hold the ash.

Cremation Urn Earrings

Earrings made from cremated ashes provide a subtle yet meaningful way to remember a loved one. These can be crafted from various materials, including resin or glass, and may incorporate a small amount of ash, offering a unique and personal piece of jewelry.

Cremation Urn Rings

Cremation rings offer a deeply touching way to maintain a physical and symbolic connection with a loved one. These rings, crafted to incorporate a small portion of cremated ashes, serve as a constant reminder of the bond shared. Whether elegantly simple or intricately designed, each ring is a unique piece of memorial jewelry that resonates with personal significance. They can be customized in various styles, metals, and designs, allowing for a truly personalized memorial. Wearing a cremation ring is not just about keeping a loved one close; it’s a profound gesture of love and remembrance, turning loss into a beautiful, everlasting tribute that can be passed down through generations.

Ash Infused Precious Stones and Glass

Cremation Ash Infused Diamonds and Stones

Turning ashes into diamonds is a remarkable process that creates a lasting and precious keepsake. These cremation diamonds are made by extracting carbon from the ashes and subjecting it to high pressure and temperature, resulting in a beautiful and unique diamond that can be set in various types of jewelry.

Glass Cremation Jewelry

Cremation beads, often made by infusing ashes into glass, can be worn on a bracelet or necklace, providing a colorful and unique keepsake. Glass cremation jewelry involves infusing a small amount of ashes into molten glass, creating stunning and unique pieces. This type of jewelry can include pendants, beads, and even sculptures, offering a wide range of artistic and personalized options.

The History of Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry has a rich history, dating back to memento mori jewelry in the 16th century. It evolved over time, with mourning jewelry becoming popular in the Victorian era. This historical context adds depth and significance to the choice of cremation jewelry as a way to remember a loved one.

Popular Cremation Jewelry Options

Popular cremation jewelry options include urn necklaces, glass pendants, and cremation diamonds. Each type offers a unique way to keep a loved one’s memory alive, whether through a discreet urn compartment or a sparkling diamond made from ashes.

Summary: Remembering Loved Ones with Cremation Jewelry

  • Cremation jewelry allows for a personal and meaningful way to keep a loved one’s memory close.
  • Urn jewelry, pendants, bracelets, and beads offer diverse options for incorporating ashes.
  • Cremation diamonds create a lasting and precious keepsake.
  • Glass cremation jewelry provides artistic and unique ways to memorialize a loved one.
  • The history of cremation jewelry adds depth to its significance as a way to cherish memories.

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