how does cremation jewelry work

Unlock the Secrets of Cremation Jewelry: Discover What You Need to Know


How Does Cremation Jewelry Work

Cremation jewelry offers a unique and personal way to keep the memory of a loved one close. This type of memorial jewelry allows individuals to carry a small amount of their loved one’s cremated ashes, a lock of hair, or even soil from a burial site, in a beautifully crafted piece of jewelry. From pendants and rings to keychains and urn necklaces, cremation jewelry comes in various designs and materials, providing a tangible and delicate reminder of a loved one.

Types of Cremation Jewelry

Urn cremation jewelry comes in many forms, including necklaces, rings, bracelets, and keychains. Each type offers a unique way to remember and honor a loved one. For instance, urn necklaces can securely hold ashes, and so do cremation rings and bracelets and they offer a more intimate form of memorial.

Ash Infused Cremation Jewelry

Recently there has been a trend in using a small sample of ash to grow a lab diamond.  This provides a memorial for your loved one that will last forever just like a diamond.

Ash can also be infused into handmade glass.  A skilled glass artisan can create a glass bead for a bracelet or they could create a pendant or even larger items so memorialize your loved one.

Choosing the Right Cremation Jewelry

When selecting cremation jewelry, consider factors like design, material, and personal significance. Stainless steel and sterling silver are popular choices for their durability and aesthetic appeal. The design should resonate with the wearer, providing a meaningful connection to the loved one.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cremation Jewelry

Common questions about cremation jewelry include how to fill and seal the pieces, the types of materials used, and how to care for them. It’s important to understand the process involved in using and maintaining these delicate items.

Wearing Cremation Jewelry in the Shower

It’s generally advised not to wear cremation jewelry in the shower. Regular jewelry can be damaged by water and chemicals, and cremation jewelry is even more delicate. Water exposure can damage the metal and potentially contaminate the ashes inside.

Combining Ashes in Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry can be customized to combine ashes from multiple loved ones, allowing you to keep them together in a single piece. This option is particularly meaningful for those who wish to memorialize multiple family members or pets.

Summary of Key Points

  • Cremation Jewelry: A way to keep a loved one’s memory close, holding a small amount of ashes or other mementos.
  • Types: Includes necklaces, rings, bracelets, and keychains, each offering a unique form of remembrance.
  • Choosing: Consider design, material, and personal connection when selecting a piece.
  • FAQs: Understand how to fill, seal, and care for cremation jewelry.
  • Shower Precautions: Avoid wearing cremation jewelry in the shower to prevent damage.
  • Combining Ashes: Option to combine ashes of multiple loved ones in a single piece.
  • Materials: Commonly made from stainless steel, sterling silver, and other durable materials.
  • Personal Significance: Choose a piece that offers a meaningful connection to the loved one.

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