What is an Urn Ring

Urn Rings: Keep Your Loved One Near You Always


What is a Cremation Urn Ring?

An urn ring is a specialized piece of jewelry designed to hold a small amount of ashes from a loved one. It serves as a discreet yet meaningful way to keep your departed loved one close to you. These rings are often crafted with precision and care, offering a unique blend of elegance and sentiment.

Why Choose an Urn Ring Keepsake Over Other Cremation Jewelry?

While many people opt for traditional urns or caskets for their loved ones, a cremation ring for ashes offers a more intimate connection. It allows you to carry a piece of your loved one with you, wherever you go. This unique thought isn’t commonly discussed but is deeply felt by those who choose this path of remembrance.

Sterling Silver Urn Ring

Always in My Heart Keepsake Ring

What Do the Memorial Cremation Rings Bring to the Table?

The ring design adds a layer of personalization to the memorial. Rings are often associated with commitment and love, making them the perfect memorials to honor a loved one. Whether it’s a simple band or a more elaborate design featuring gemstones, the ring becomes more than just a piece of jewelry; it becomes a keepsake.

What Types of Cremation Rings Are Available?

Cremation rings come in various styles and materials, from 14k gold to silver and even rose and white gold. Some rings feature a glass compartment to visibly hold the ashes, while others are more discreet. You can also find cremation jewelry rings specifically designed for pets.

Guardian Angel Urn Ring

elements of the stars and the moon combine with the retro design

How Does Memorial Jewelry Differ from Regular Jewelry Rings?

Memorial jewelry, especially cremation jewelry rings, is crafted with a unique purpose: to hold cremains inside. Unlike regular jewelry rings, these rings have a small, screw-secured compartment designed for this very reason.

What Role Do Ashes Play in These Rings?

The ashes, or cremains, are what make these rings truly special. A small funnel is usually provided to help you add the ashes securely. Whether it’s a pinch or more, the ashes are what transform these rings into keepsakes urns of remembrance.

Forever in My Heart Cremation Jewelry Urn Ring

crafted and polished finish by hand

How Can You Personalize Your Urn Ring?

Many urn rings allow for custom engraving, from initials to fingerprints. This level of personalization ensures that each ring is as unique as the loved one it commemorates.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Cremation Jewelry Rings?

When selecting a cremation ring, consider the type of ring you prefer, the design, and the material. Whether it’s 14k gold or silver, make sure it’s something you’ll feel comfortable to wear daily. Also, read our guide on how to care for your ring to ensure it lasts a lifetime.

Circle of Life Urn Ring

beautiful and unique sterling silver

Are These Rings For Pet Ashes?

No, pet cremation rings are also available. These rings are a beautiful way to remember a beloved pet and are often part of a larger collection of pet memorial jewelry.

How Do You Take Care of Your Urn Ring?

Taking care of your urn ring involves regular cleaning and ensuring the compartment is securely closed. A small screwdriver is often provided for this purpose. Always handle with care to maintain the ring’s elegant features.

What Makes These Rings Elegant?

The elegance lies in the ring’s craftsmanship and the meaningfulness it holds. Whether it’s a simple band or a ring adorned with a gemstone on your finger, the elegance is in its purpose and the comfort it brings.

Silver Rose Flower Urn Ring

reduce sorrow and keep the memories of your loved one

What Features Should You Look for in an Urn Ring?

Look for rings that offer secure compartments for the ashes and options for personalization. Some rings feature additional elements like necklaces and bracelets that complement the ring, making it a complete memorial jewelry set.

Where Can You Find These Rings?

You can find a wide range of urn rings and memorial cremation rings at various online stores, including Perfect Memorials. Shipping options are usually customer-friendly, and the rings come with all the necessary tools for adding ashes and personalization.

Tree of Life Urn Ring

925 Sterling Silver Celtic Knot

Final Thoughts

Choosing an urn ring is a deeply personal decision, one that offers a way to keep a small amount of your loved one’s ashes or even a lock of hair close to you. It serves not just as a piece of jewelry but as a lasting memorial that you can wear every day. With various designs and materials available, you’re sure to find the perfect ring to keep your loved one’s memory alive.

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      Hi SolarFlare83, we’re thrilled you found the concept of urn rings intriguing. They indeed offer a unique way to cherish memories. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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